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This strain is a heavy hitter. Runtz OG is the child of Cookies Fam’s Zkittlez crossed with Gelato genetics, so you know there are some serious berry flavors in the mix here. Look out for earthy notes and hints of sweet spice as well. With its dazzling THC levels, Runtz OG will likely send you sliding off your chair into an intense couchlock experience.

Runtz OG is one of those strains that has a ton going for it. You don’t know if you want to take it to the bedroom or the couch, but whenever you do, you’ll be happy. This sweet diesel was bred by Cookies Fam and has been upgraded since then, but still carries its own charm. We suggest smoking this while watching TV or relaxing with family/friends because of its even-handed effects; it’s not going to knock you out so much as put you in a very chill mood. Runtz OG isn’t known for knocking people out, but rather for putting them in a relaxed and happy state of mind ideal for spending time with friends or loved ones.

Cali growers count themselves lucky if they can get their hands on genuine Runtz. They’re rewarded with colorful, grape-green nugs with dark purple tones underneath and lavender crystals.

Being a difficult strain to find, Runtz OG is a rare gem. Like many OG crosses, it has an official lineage but plenty of mystery surrounding its origins. Its appearance is unique – with dark purple hues mixed in with bright green coloring. Runtz smells just as specific, with a hint of sweet pine and strong earthy undertones that could be different from grower to grower. Regardless of its phenotype, the strain reeks of sweet resin that’s thick, sticky and delicious to the senses. Smoking is where the flavor really starts to shine through – it’s smooth and creamy with a soothing spice that elevates relaxation while keeping energy levels high enough for your day or evening adventures!

Reach for the stars with Runtz OG. This strain comes out smelling like candy, wearing its colorful leaves on its sleeve as it gets closer to your nose. The flavor is a delicious fruit cocktail, full of sour berries and tropical citrus tastes. You’ll get hints of earth and herbs underneath the tropics as it flows through your body and sets you at ease. It’s sure to give you that giggly high that many strains lack – connect with those around you while enjoying yourself.

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Common Usage

  • Depressed
  • Pain
  • Anxiety

Effects of Runtz OG

Runtz OG is a Super Indica, with effects that are primarily sedative and calming. Runtz delivers a euphoric high that’s ideal for unwinding after a long day but can also help alleviate anxiety. The effects begin as uplifting and euphoric, hitting your forehead first with a paradoxical punch of calm. Runtz OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s more like a gentle giant than an uncontrollable toddler. With THC levels of up to 29%, this indica-riddled strain can knock you out in minutes, but it also relaxes your mind and body with couch lock effects.

Runtz OG is a strain full of fruity flavors, but it also comes with a relaxing body high. Those who suffer from insomnia love Runtz OG, as you probably guessed. It can also do wonders for people suffering from stress and anxiety owing to its ultimate put-down of all your brain functions, replacing them with submissive hours of fruity bliss. If you have a low appetite or feel nauseated frequently, the munchy relaxation you’ll get on Runtz OG can help.

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