Rain Maker Cannabis Clone


Rainmaker cannabis strain by Ethos Genetics is an even hybrid which has had unbelievable THC levels as high as 32%. With a high calyx to leaf ratio and vigorous growth which brings relatively tall plants, low ceilings aren’t the right environment for this hybrid. This cup winner has a decadent terpene profile blending citrus, skunk and cheese. Ideal for daytime and evening usage.


The Rainmaker is one of the highest yielding strains we have seen. This strain was bred by Ethos. The nose is fruity and the plant produces large even, chunky colas with a beautiful range of colors including green, reddish-orange, and shades of purple, and most importantly are covered in trichomes. This is one of our favorite sativas! Rainmaker has a sweet and citrusy smell and often leads to consumers feeling energetic and euphoric.


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