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The Platinum Kush is a Hybrid marijuana strain famous in the West Coast of the United States and is an Indica-dominant strain. This powerful flower is well known to medical and recreational cannabis users, buy a gram of marijuana online with levels of THC and even some amount of CBD.

Platinum Kush is extensively known for its high vigorous inducing effect as it has a heavy indica-like high. Buy a gram of marijuana online as you inspire, but will also induce a serious couch-lock effect. Moreover, it is used as a sedative due to its power, the strain is a perfect choice for those looking for true relaxation.

With several respected awards, the Platinum Kush continues to grow in fame for both its powerful effects and insanely tempting appearance. Here is more about this bud:

Origins of Platinum Kush

Green 420 dispensary is has gained popularity as good breeders of strains buy platinum kush online, the so-called mysterious flower. This strain was obtained, many as a result of crossing the popular Afghani strain with the famous and beloved Master Kush bud.

THC Content of Platinum Kush

Buy a gram of marijuana online like Platinum with moderate to high levels of THC, usually ranging between 18% and 21%. In the same like, tested in other situations and found to have up to 27% of this cannabinoid in content. Moreover, this indica-dominant hybrid comes with around 1% of CBD on average.

Fragrance & Flavors

Buy Platinum Kush online with its special fragrant. Embodies an interesting aroma, the flower smells sweet and spicy, with some fruity, grape, and berry scents. Combined with some spicy and peppery notes, the Platinum Kush buds boast a colorful palette of scents.

On the side of flavor, Platinum Kush is also sweet, and its taste is combined with some earthy and pine notes. Buy a gram of marijuana online that has sugary grape hints that pair well with the strain’s strong berry taste on the exhale.

Buy Platinum Kush Online

Buy platinum Kush online a fast-hitter, focusing strongly in the body. Its insanely relaxing bud and will glue you to your couch, as it comes with seriously sedative properties.

Producing a mellow sensation, the Platinum Kush marijuana strain gives a positive high, making its users elated and refreshed. The strain is a cause of cerebral high which is followed by a strong body-numbing sensation. As such, the Platinum Kush strain is usually recommended for evening or nighttime use.

The effect on novice users is more extreme as they might also experience a more narcotic high, due to its high levels of THC and mostly indica characteristics. Platinum Kush instantly relaxes you and helps with getting rid of any worries.

Medical Uses

The Platinum Kush marijuana strain is a powerful medical option for many patients suffering from debilitating symptoms. This flower is popular among those struggling with chronic stress, as it offers strongly relaxing and mood-enhancing effects.

Platinum Kush will help you find inner peace and get subtle relaxation while managing pain more effectively. With its powerful pain-killing properties, the flower is recommended for chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines, and headaches.

As an indica-dominant flower with high levels of THC, the Platinum Kush strain has shown great promise in treating insomnia. It comes with strong sedative properties, allowing patients to get a deep and restful sleep.

The Platinum Kush strain is a great relaxant and mood-uplifter, which makes it a perfect choice for those suffering from anxiety or depression. It’s also widely prescribed to cancer patients for regaining appetite and alleviating nausea. Platinum Kush can do wonders in terms of restoring hearty and healthy appetite.

Potential Side Effects

As any other marijuana strain, Platinum Kush comes with some of the usual adverse reactions. This indica-dominant flower can cause dry eyes and dry mouth sensation, which may increase the feeling of being dehydrated.

With such high THC levels, this hybrid can also cause some dizziness or anxiety, especially among less experienced cannabis users.


The Platinum Kush marijuana strain is a must-try indica-dominant hybrid for marijuana lovers, especially fans of potent Kush genetics. Its unique and complex combination of fragrances, effects and gorgeous appearance makes it one of the most interesting indica-leaning buds you can find.

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