Superman OG


Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

May Relieve
ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Hypertension, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Stress

Pine, Skunky, Sweet, Woody



THC: 19% – 23%, CBN: 1%

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Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa| Nearest dispensary

THC: 19% – 23%, CBN: 1%

spattered with dark orange hairs and a fine layer of white sugary trichomes. 

Superman OG is a must try for cannabis connoisseurs. The product of Tahoe OG and Bubba Kush, this hardy indica is both incredibly potent and exceptionally well bred. Following a long line of kush genetics, Superman OG provides a strong heavy body sensation and will put you to sleep in a hurry. While great for pain management, muscle spasms, and insomnia, Superman OG’s potent sedative effects make it a strictly nighttime strain. The aroma of this indica is nearly as strong as its effects. Featuring a strong skunk-like scent and piney taste, Superman OG is extremely pungent and not for the novice patient.

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