Mushroom Brownies 1g (Live Psilocybin)


What’s better than a single chocolate brownie? This rich, moist, and luxurious double chocolate brownie with an indulgent fudgy center, light crunchy edges and semi-sweet chocolate chunks baked right in! These ready-to-heat and eat double chocolate brownies are a psychonauts dream come true!


Live Psilocybin is proud to introduce their new 1g Mushroom Chocolate Chip Brownies!

Ingredients: Psilocybin Mushroom, Butter, Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Large Eggs, Vanilla Extract, Cocoa Powder, Flower, Salt, Baking Powder, Chocolate Chips

Mushroom Brownies are now trending for their extraordinary effects because they can shift your energy and mood in just a matter of minutes after eating them. They are now widely sought, and different methods of how to prepare shrooms are circulating upon shroomers.

One of the popular way of serving them for those fond of baking is by incorporating the magic mushrooms and making them one of the ingredients when baking brownies. Brownies are one of the easiest pastries a beginner can learn. Here are some steps to follow when making.


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