Malabar Coast Mushroom


Malabar Shooms Trip Report

Psilocybe cubensis malabar coast shooms trip report. Fifteen to twenty minutes in, reality is fading away. Everything is wired up, your arms, hands, fingers, even the tiny nails at your fingertips. You’re a robot, a huge circuit board with flashing strands and lights. Green from head to toe, and covered in conductive tracks. You stand up, moving your arms. It feels robotic, moving smoothly like cogs. But something else is there – something distinctly human.

Malabar Shooms Turns You Into A Cyborg

You’re still you, but a cyborg you. You jump, and you find yourself smashing through the roof, your skull barely affected by the tearing of plaster and iron as you fly higher and higher. You have rocket-pads in your feet, burning with fuel. You break right through the atmosphere, watching the white line of the planet’s edge disappear behind you. The moon is close, its craters and crevices opening for you to see. You fly into a chasm in its surface, travelling deeper and deeper into the middle of the moon. The air is cool, and everything is dark. Then lightning bolts of electricity appear. You are at the centre of an electric storm. You curl up, certain you will die. Waiting to catch on fire, you close your eyes. But nothing happens. Instead, a haze of warmth and dull yellow mist surrounds you, covering you like a blanket. You open your eyes and grin. This is life.

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