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Glo Extracts Black Mamba 24 is a heavy indica often compared to the great Kobe Bryant. In commemoration of the late superstar not only does this strain share the name “Black Mamba” it also is a strong indica dominant strain, competing amongst the greats much like Kobe did. This strain has a sweet grape taste, which was passed down by the its assumed parentage and like the great Kobe Bryant, it’s a crowd pleaser.


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Are you looking for where to buy black mamba 24 glo carts, glocarts and glocart flavors online? Are you searching for where to buy black mamba 24 glo cart and glo carts flavors online? An indica prevailing strain, Black Mamba was made by intersection Blue Bubble juice and Domina, which causes it, to contain hereditary qualities from notable and broadly preferred strains. For example, Blueberry and Northern Light.

The Glo Extracts Black Mamba 24 is a potent psychoactive vape cartridge that features a hybrid formulation of high-grade Afghan OG Kush and a signature 25x hybrid strain. It offers an ultra smooth vaping experience while still giving you full-bodied effects. Unlike most carts that have only 3.5 mg of THC in them, the Black Mamba 24 has 6.6 mg of THC oil per gram (almost double!).

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Glo Extracts Black Mamba 24 is a highly potent strain with THC content as high as 24%! Most users report feeling very relaxed, happy and euphoric while others may feel lethargic, sleepy, and sedated. Its hybrid genetics are 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. This cannabis plant produces dense flowers that are long and oval-shaped with orange hairs. The aroma is musky, earthy and sweet with hints of pine and citrus. Glo Extract’s CO2 extracted golden GSGE extract is second to none!

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