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Glo Extract Martian Muffin is a great tasting Indica dominant strain with a high THC concentration. This cannabis product has 10% Sativa, and 90% Indica giving you both an uplifting feeling while also helping to relax your tension and pain. Glo Extract Martian Muffin can be used by new users as well as experienced users to help with depression, fatigue and nausea.

Martian Muffin is an indica-dominant cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Romulan. The aroma is a sweet blend of soil, pine, and fruit. The high is heavy, deep relaxation that can be useful for pain relief or sleep.

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Lastly, with these impacts and its high 22-26% normal THC level, Martian Muffin is suppose to be ideal for treating conditions. For example, ongoing pressure or nervousness, sleep deprivation, cerebral pains or headaches, misery, and craving misfortune or queasiness. This bud has colossal larger than average neon green nugs with turquoise, pink, and purple undercurrents with long red hairs and a covering of chilly white precious stone trichomes.


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