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Buy Glo Extract King Louis Online at discount prices. Glo Extract King Louis is a hybrid strain that is a combination of AK47, Cheese, and Thai landrace. This medium-sized plant produces dense buds covered in trichomes, which have a pungent cheese aroma and flavor. This funky Indica dominant strain has a THC content ranging between 15-23%. With its strong narcotic effects, this high CBD variety is ideal for pain relief, insomnia, anxiety, and stress relief

Glo Extract King Louis is a Skunk variety of cannabis. It is best suited for deep relaxation of mind and body. The effects produced by this strain may lead to lethargy and sleepiness. However, moderate doses of Glo Extract King Louis are capable of producing extreme happiness. This strain does not leave any adverse side effects on the user.

Glo Extract King Louis For sale is made from pure indica heritage and it’s one of the top seeds to grow for heavy and long-standing sedation. It can also be used in smaller doses to relieve pain or increase appetite.

In addition, it has a solid and quieting high that loosens up you and causes you to feel drowsy. Smoking King Louis will likewise make you hungry, which is the reason it is a decent cure for absence of craving, as it animates hunger. It has an impactful fragrance that is a combination of diesel, pine and natural aromas. Buy Glo carts, Buy glo extract cartridges, buy glow carts. Buy glocarts online.


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