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Glo Extract Electric Grape High Times Cannabis Cup winner. Indica dominant plant (90%), great for pain relief and appetite stimulation. One of the harvests in 2018 won a prize at the Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino. The effects are very easy to control, and you can choose between couchlock or more energetic highs by exposing the plant to more light. Perfect for growing indoors and outdoors, but also for SCROGs, SOGs, and Screen of Green production methods. Very easy to grow strain due to her Indian genetics.

Glo Extract Electric Grape is a fresh and vibrant indica-dominant strain with strong psychoactive properties. The Electric Grape Punch is a great daytime remedy for anxiety, mood swings, stress and poor mental focus. This strain is also famous for its calming effects and it can be used in cases of insomnia. Marketers will love the fruity and sweet flavors that taste like grape Kool-Aid.


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