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Glo Extract Blue Diamond is developed to provide the best, it is a hybrid medical marijuana strain that was created by crossing Diamond OG with Blue Dream. Although both of the parent strains are closely 50:50 hybrids, the Diamond OG are found to be leaning towards Sativa side. Glo Extract Blue Diamond induces an uplifting and euphoric high while keeping your mind clear. Buy Glo Carts flavors Online.

Buy Glo Blue Diamond Online

Glo Extract Blue Diamond is best characterized by its distinct sweet blueberry aroma and flavour. This strain is a cross between Glo Extracts’ very own Blue Dream and top-shelf OG Kush. Glo Blue Diamond contains high levels of THCV to help suppress appetite, providing you with an energetic head high while reducing anxiety or pain.

Glo Extract Blue Diamond is one of the more expensive products on this list. It sells for $30 per gram and $100 per eighth ounce, which is on par with many other top shelf items. With this price point, it’s still a worthwhile buy in my opinion. Glo Extract Blue Diamond is one of the best strains I’ve tried thus far in my medical marijuana career

When you buy Glo Extracts Blue Diamond online, you will get a unique and flavorful strain with a high CBD content. This potent strain is the child of two highly popular strains – Blueberry and OG Kush. Glo Extract was founded in 2010 and has since been creating award-winning concentrates and cannabis products.


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