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Acapulco gold may is a Sativa dominant. It has 70% Sativa inheritance and 30% Indica inheritance. The name of this question describes the appearance of the formed petals, covered with glitter and trichomes, which produce rich cannabinoid resin. The nature of alfalfa that relies on this problem makes it an excellent choice for daytime use, allowing users to stay awake instead of being too irritable.

When smoking a large blister or a lump filled with Acapulco golden flowers, smokers can expect a good taste to stimulate their taste buds. The different and complementary flavors of sweetness and spice are particularly easy to recognize. The aroma produced by this species is also very pleasant. When you open a spare jar to store this variety, it will release musky, sandy, sweet and rich aroma.

The tops obtained from smoking or smoking Acapulco gold contain body and head substances. As a heavy alfalfa load, the top is definitely more conspicuous and stronger. These brain effects enhance, invigorate and beautify smokers. According to reports, this buzzing sound may have aphrodisiac effect. These characteristics make Acapulco Gold the perfect smoking problem throughout the day, and smokers should be given motivational ideas to maintain their alertness and productivity. The effect of stressing the body brings a sense of calmness and calmness, balancing the highest level of stimulation. High-quality behavior also benefits other medical patients. Stress can also effectively reduce stress, relieve pain, increase appetite and reduce fatigue.

Acapulco gold is usually well grown indoors and outdoors, with a flowering period of 60 to 70 days, and up to 500 grams per square meter. Outdoor plants can germinate up to 200 cm and have a medium yield. The harvest is usually held in mid-to-late or late October. Flowers made from Acapulco gold have higher THC content and lower CBD.

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