Gumbo strain is a slightly indica-leaning hybrid strain that’s great for evening use. It’s best used to boost appetite and mood, so if you’re having trouble getting ahead of the curve at work, this could be the strain for you!

Green 420 supplies this incredible strain and named after the traditional Louisiana dish because of its thick smoke that coats the lungs like rich broth. This smooth smoke is accompanied by a subtle citrus flavor with hints of pine and earth. The scent is rich and earthy with notes of fruit and spice. In addition to being good for relaxing in the evening, Gumbo can also help increase appetite, making it ideal for those who suffer from anorexia or other eating disorders. You should expect a moderately high THC concentration between 16-20% for this flower.

Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

Despite the mystery shrouding the genetics of this plant, it is quite the looker harvest after harvest.

It’s a tall and stately strain that grows like a Christmas tree, with long, dark green leaves and lots of white crystals (crystals are the name for trichomes—the resin glands that make up the “harsh” of cannabis). The smell is strong and sweet, but not overpowering. I would describe it as citrusy and pungent, with some earthy notes. The flavor is similar to the scent—sweet and earthy with a hint of citrus.

Different Gumbo Strains

The effects are very calming and relaxing—not quite couch-locking, but definitely stress-relieving. It’s great for winding down after work or end-of-day relaxation before bedtime. If you have trouble sleeping at night, this strain would be a good choice for you!

You can also get creative with your gumbo strain!

We’ve got five strains that’ll take your gumbo to the next level:

-Gumbo Weed: A sativa-dominant strain that’ll give you energy and focus while helping you relax at the same time. Perfect for those who want to get things done while still enjoying themselves!

  • Gumbo Pop strain: A hybrid strain that combines the best parts of two different strains for a happy medium between them: The uplifting effects of Blue Dream and the calming effects of OG Kush.
  • Gumbo Runts: An indica-dominant strain that will help you relax and sleep like a baby—perfect for winding down after a long day. It’s also great if you’re feeling anxious or stressed out!
  • Gumbo Shark strain: A hybrid strain that has the relaxing effects of indicas but also provides some energy to help you stay focused throughout your day. It’s perfect for people who need both energy