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Nicknamed “The Don of All OGs”, this variety has a name that lives up to its name. A popular medical strain in Southern California, Godfather OG, like many other strains like OG, is often recommended for insomnia and pain due to its sedative indica properties. Don is the result of crossing XXX OG and Alpha OG, and there is a kushy pungency in its fragrance coupled with subtle grape notes. Godfather OG is powerful; with THC levels measured up to 28{558ce283f61fc854e9aab8bcc110134c65fa90ecdf58f65ba20fcbc873778ab1}, this variety is an offer you can’t refuse. Godather OG won 1st place for best Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2013 in Los Angeles.

Together with our Gorilla Glue, Bruce Banner and Acapulco gold, our Godfather OG strain is one of the most powerful species currently available.

The origin of this unique species can be found in California where Godfather OG was developed by the California Herbal Remedies team who crossed two legends to create this strain: the OG Kush and the Alpha OG. The result? Godfather OG. A beast of a hybrid with a THC percentage that can reach 34{558ce283f61fc854e9aab8bcc110134c65fa90ecdf58f65ba20fcbc873778ab1} in extreme cases.

Want to grow this THC bomb yourself? Buy our feminized Godfather OG seeds or read on and find out more about this wonderful lady.

Growing our Godfather OG strain

Due to the simplicity of growing, our feminized Godfather OG seeds are a suitable choice for both starting and experienced growers. Moreover, we are dealing here with a plant where the flowering time is quite short. Only 7 to 9 weeks in the case of indoor cultivation. With an indoor cultivation, the harvest can reach up to a maximum of 350 to 450 grams per m2.

During the vegetative and flowering phase, the Godfather OG strain will develop a sturdy trunk and side branches that are capable of carrying the heavy buds and will prevent the plant from breaking down even when the wind is strong.

That said, the Godfather OG seeds are suitable for outdoor growing. This is because the plant thrives well in both cool and warm temperatures. Harvesting is preferably done in the period between the end of September and mid-October where your harvest can reach up to 450 grams per plant.

Growing tip: By trimming the Godfather OG strain, the light also reaches the inner parts of the plant, which greatly benefits the overall development of the plant.

Smell, taste and effect

Godfather OG features a penetrating and sharp scent that is accompanied by a fruity grape flavor like from a wonderful mature bottle of wine; youthful and playful, but with a mature and intense aftertaste.

Although the THC percentage is extremely high, the effect doesn’t hit like a bomb if you take it easy with this lady.

The effect is very relaxing and feels like a tingling that starts in the head and gradually finds its way to the rest of the body. Along the way all the senses are stimulated in a pleasant way. In short: the effect is a nice mental high combined with a balanced physical buzz.

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Specifications Godfather OG feminized seeds

THC level 30{558ce283f61fc854e9aab8bcc110134c65fa90ecdf58f65ba20fcbc873778ab1}
CBD level 0.8{558ce283f61fc854e9aab8bcc110134c65fa90ecdf58f65ba20fcbc873778ab1}
Variety 60{558ce283f61fc854e9aab8bcc110134c65fa90ecdf58f65ba20fcbc873778ab1} Indica / 40{558ce283f61fc854e9aab8bcc110134c65fa90ecdf58f65ba20fcbc873778ab1} Sativa
Genetics Alpha OG x OG Kush
Max yield indoor 350 to 450 grams/m2
Max yield outdoor 550 to 650 grams/m2
Height indoor 70 to 100 cm
Height outdoor 130 to 200 cm
Flowering time 49 to 63 days
Fungal Resistance High
Growersprofile Beginner
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Polar, Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid
Flavors Fruity, Sweet, Woody
Effects Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed
SOG suitable yes
SCROG suitable yes

Godfather OG feminized strain review

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